Chiropractic and Functional Medicine


The purpose of chiropractic is simple: to support wellness and encourage the unfoldment of human potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is the science, art, and philosophy of restoring the body to a state of wholeness by removing interference in the central nervous system that is creating separation in the mind-body leading to dis-ease.

In today’s world we are constantly being pulled in multiple directions as we attempt to juggle all our responsibilities while balancing our careers, personal lives, finances, children, parents, relationships, deadlines, appointments, and so much more.  This lifestyle takes a tremendous toll on the body.  Add in physical injuries and traumas and the body can find itself in a very challenged state.

Regardless of the source of stress, once it exceeds a certain threshold the body will go into protective mechanisms leading to increased tension in the pathways of the nervous system, changing neural tone, as the body attempts to cope and adapt to the experience.   This neurological projection of stress results in a vertebral subluxation causing a bone to be moved out of alignment.  Ultimately, the vertebral subluxation causes interference within the central nervous system, creating separation, and dramatically limiting your body’s ability to heal.

Dr. Yakel practices using the most current, up-to-date, techniques designed to release neural tension, remove vertebral subluxations, correct structure, improve function and healing,  ultimately, optimizing physical, mental, emotional wellbeing.  Simple, gentle, bold, and yet, profound.   This gentle, yet powerful, release of tension in the spine restores healthy function to the nervous system allowing for innate intelligence to fulfill its greatest potential to heal.

As greater brain-body awareness is achieved through care, the body moves away from defensive, adaptive patterns which are no longer needed, creating greater ease and flexibility in your spine and your life. You can experience freedom from past stresses, traumas and programming that may be blocking your potential for optimum health, happiness and well-being.

“Chiropractic is composed of a science, art and philosophy. It was truly the philosophy, that underlying belief in a vitalistic model, that the body is living, full of intelligence, and ultimately self-correcting and healing, that I fell in love with.”

Functional Medicine

Through the use of functional medicine, Dr. Yakel provides natural strategies for optimizing brain function, restoring healthy gut function, balancing hormones, regulating blood sugar, minimizing inflammation, supporting cardiovascular health, full body purification and cleansing, and eliminating food allergies and intolerances.

A radical approach to healthcare, rather than treating symptoms, Dr. Yakel seeks the root cause leading to a state of dis-ease and supports the whole body in its healing process.  His holistic model for care, based on current research, begins with an in-depth full body systems check, including blood analysis and genetic testing if needed, to determine underlying weaknesses and imbalances in the body.  Based on the findings, Dr. Yakel will customize a drug free approach , including lifestyle modification and specific formulas of physician grade whole food nutrient supplements designed to target any imbalances, strengthen areas of weakness and restore healthy function and balance to the whole body.

Functional Medicine is a way of life. If you are truly seeking to optimize your health, while avoiding drugs and surgery, it is vital to feed and support the body appropriately.  Dr. Yakel not only has his own mentor providing him with personal protocols, but it is a priority for his wife, both children, and even his extended family to utilize functional medicine in everyday life.

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