Addiction and Compulsive Disorders

Dr. Yakel offers a  wholistic, integrated, and drug free  addiction recovery program designed to improve, repair, and normalize brain chemistry; which in turn diminishes cravings and promotes feelings of well-being.

Dr. Yakel’s Recovery Program includes chiropractic care proven to improve recovery outcomes, combined with functional medicine to support brain chemistry, auriculotherapy to minimize cravings and withdrawal symptoms, an on-going guidance, mentoring, lifestyle modification including training in heart-based meditation.  Dr. Yakel also works with counselors in the areas of EMT, Group Therapy and Addiction Counseling to provide continued care.

There are 4 goals to the Dr. Yakel Recovery Program:

1 – Restore brain chemistry.
Healthy brain chemistry is key to breaking the cycle of addiction.  When the neurotransmitters in the brain are imbalanced it dramatically increases cravings and the dependency on any addiction.  Through the use of functional medicine, HPA Axis support, and amino acid therapy we can restore healthy chemistry to the brain minimizing withdrawal symptoms, eliminate cravings, speed the healing process, and maximize the likelihood of long term success rates.

2 – Release neurological stress.
Utilizing state of the art chiropractic technology proven to improve successful drug treatment outcomes, Dr. Yakel practices Torque Release Technique to specifically locate and release tension in the nervous system restoring healthy function.  A nervous system free of interference allows the body to access it’s greatest healing potential, supporting optimal health and wellness physically, mentally, and emotionally.  By supporting healthy function of the spine, we further help to optimize limbic function (the emotional center of the brain strongly influenced by addictive behaviors) promoting the flow of critical neurotransmitters, including dopamine, and the balancing of the brain reward cascade.

3 – Rebalance the brain reward messaging system.
Auriculotherapy is very effective in reducing pain levels, and supporting feelings of peacefulness, calm, and an overall state of wellbeing.  It has further been shown to support the re-balancing of the reward area in the brain reducing both craving and withdrawal symptoms.

4 – Reinforce strategies for long term health and wellness.
Lifestyle modification provides not only the best opportunity to prevent relapse, but also to support the fulfillment of your potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  To successfully navigate the stress of modern day living, we must have the tools and strategies that maintain peace and balance within the storm of our lives.  Dr. Yakel provides continued support through group counseling, dietary modification, and heart based meditation techniques to ensure you feel vibrant, clear, and peaceful.

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